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Hello, how are you and my sister, on a tourist visit to Dubai, and we want to get a job in a restaurant or hotel, and need help?


Hello Can I apply for a job with you? Experience exists

Better to email them directly

delicious food . Cleanliness. Good reception . Thank you from my heart

Tasty food and nice place

Very, very, very bad

Good food and ok

You have a shea

Yes, They offer Shisha, good one by the way.

Hello Can I apply for a job with you? Experience exists

Hey, this is not the place to look for a job, my friend. The restaurant may not answer you. Alternatively, you can call and sepak until then and send your vital data via email. You can get their phone number on Google. I wish you all the best

What is the price of breakfast?

They are valued and inquired by phone +971 4 282 6665

How the prices of blinds?


Buffet at Ryouj Bagher

The restaurant is open for food and dinner so far

How much breakfast with a sandwich!

they are taking 100 for person without shisha 45 and without tea

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